Simple, Smart Purchasing

Purchase from all vendors on the same platform

SmartPOâ„¢ is a simple purchasing and electronic invoicing system built to fit the needs of Non-Acute Healthcare Facilities.

Our software provides a complete order management and contract price management solution, while allowing users to build orders, approve orders, view order confirmations, or manage contract prices from multiple vendors


We provide our customers with technology for managing and maintaining the right price for each item purchased.

Procure to Pay

SmartPO offers powerful spend management tools for healthcare providers. It is designed as a complete procure-to-pay solution for all vendors. Place orders, manage formularies and route invoices all on one platform

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Pricing Audits

Manage, track and audit pricing under GPO contracts, direct contracts and special pricing agreements automatically.

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System Integrations

Our system integrates seamlessly with many accounting systems to eliminate double entry and errors. We also provide punch out solutions to vendors when you prefer to shop their catalog but maintain formulary and purchase order controls.

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Get Smart

Reduce Supply Costs

One Procurement Platform, All Suppliers

Contract Pricing on All Items

Control Spend - Audit Each Order Line

Invoice Routing and Approvals

Designed for Large Practices and Groups

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